Inner Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland

The Botanist is made at Bruichladdich Distillery on the banks of Loch Indaal on the Isle of Islay. Built-in 1881, the distillery has been an integral part of the community since it was built. Home to three single malt whiskys along with The Botanist, it is located on the Rhinns of Islay on the West of the island. We like to think of it as a Victorian Distillery re-imagined for the future.

Islay is known as the ‘Queen of the Hebrides’ because of its fertile land. It is rather green and flat in comparison to many of the other Hebridean islands. For many years this land has supported our farming and distilling community. Islay is also home to high moorland and hills, the highest of Beinn Bheigeir (Ben Vicar) at 491m.

Islay’s diverse landscape is due to its underlying geological structure. Hard quartzites from the rugged uplands while the lower-lying, more fertile land is underlain by limestone and mica schists.

There are extensive raised beach deposits within the bays and substantial areas of blown sand on the coast edge and extending into the hinterland. There are numerous freshwater lochs in the hinterland, and abundant streams, some of which form falls on the higher parts of the coastline. The varied geology of Islay supports a range of natural environments, ranging from heather moorland, peat bogs, wetlands and salt marsh to deciduous and coniferous woodlands, rich grassland and scrub forest.

Islay has a relatively mild climate, being warmed by the waters of the gulf stream. This unique landscape and abundance of plant life proved to be the catalyst and inspiration behind The Botanist production.

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