the botanist world gin day live on instagram

World Gin Day 2020

Tomorrow is going to be “World Gin Day”. The first such…

Hunter Gather Cook x The Botanist

In the lead up to London Cocktail Week we've partnered with Nick…
The Botanist - Foraging walks with James Donaldson

Foraging Walk with James Donaldson - Bridgend Woods, Islay

Join The Botanist Gin’s professional forager, James Donaldson…
The Botanist at Market in the square

Market in the Square - Harbour Inn, Bowmore

Join the team from The Botanist to explore wild flavours at the…
Frozen foraged Garden, Finsbury
Foraging at London Cocktail Week
Whistling Shop
Rosewood Terrace London
Foraging walks with the RSPB, Islay
Foraging walks with the RSPB, Islay
RSPB Foraging Walk
World Gin Day
The Botanist Greenhouse Pop-Up

The Botanist Hunting Lodges

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