World Gin Day 2020


Tomorrow is going to be “World Gin Day”. The first such event that we’ve ever celebrated. In these self-isolating, socially-distorted times it’s great to feel part of a community of shared interest online.

So our plan for Saturday is two-fold. We are hooking up members of our skilled team on four continents so that they can bring you short, gin cocktail-making livestreams through the afternoon on our instagram channel. Josh will be giving his seasonal drink at 12:00 from Sydney (21:00 local time), then we’re to Ghent in Belgium to hear from Nick at 14:00 (15:00 local time), then to Capetown to see what’s growing with Caitlin at 16:00 (17:00 local time), then finishing up home in Islay with Ashley at 18:00. You can browse through lots of previous cocktail creations here The Botanist foraged cocktails  or on our recent #homeforaged cocktails series on Instagram TV.

The second thing we’ll do, across all our social channels, is something we’re interested in every day of the week, gin day or no gin day. Finding out more about edible plants, where they grow and what they smell and taste like, and how they can enhance a Botanist and Tonic.

We want to know what is growing with you, wherever you are. And see it gracing the top of your glass.  

If you’re stuck for where to start with a foraged garnish, try using a herb you use in other cooking, or check you’re nearest patch of grass.  If there are white flowers in the green, chances are they are daisies or clover, both edible, both the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the flavour potential and plant families that they can open up to you. There are other suggestions for garnishes to look out for here Read more > How to Make your Gin and Tonic More Exciting.  And here’s Jane exploring what difference a garnish makes. Read more > How much Difference do Garnishes Make? 

We’ll be bringing you other garnishes that are in their peak season exactly this day, this week, this year, in places as far flung as Mexico and Goa, Vancouver and Brisbane, on our social channels on Saturday. 

Please join in by sharing a photo of your Botanist and tonic garnishes on social media so we can reshare them. Tag us in @thebotanistgin so it’s easier for us to find you and celebrate your local wild edibles. Here’s to gin, to the generosity of nature, and to sharing a good global moment!


We’ve built a community of likeminded souls: those who forage, cook and mix and like to think a little bit differently. Join our community.

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