Wild Food vs. Cultivated Food - Which is Better?

In this series, Andy Hamilton, our longtime writer and collaborator,…
7 minute read
gin and tonic with foraged botanicals

Flavours and Aromas in The Botanist

The Botanist is famed for its versatility and complexity. Its…
< 1 minute read
Ham Hock, Hash browns, Quince, Scots Lovage

A New Year's Menu

The Scots call New Year's Eve Hogmanay. It involves the best…
< 1 minute read
The Botanist Plant Conservation Edition

Plant Conservation Edition

One-fifth of all plant species are threatened with extinction. Our…
1 minute read
oxalis fragilis in flower

Saving Plants Together

We’ve been working with Botanic Gardens Conservation International…
2 minute read

Hydrogen boost to make The Botanist greener

Powering on with hydrogen project The Botanist gin takes a day…
4 minute read

Making London Dry Gin, in Islay

We call The Botanist an ‘Islay Dry Gin’. What's the story…
2 minute read
hidden garden COP26 event

A world first: Setting the standard for reforestation

Glasgow's Hidden Gardens was the backdrop for a major announcement…
< 1 minute read
Eleanor James juniper fieldwork

Seriously Studying Juniper

We've been working on Islay over the last several years to protect…
2 minute read