Simmer Distillation

“With the Islay botanicals there’s amazing potency and the flavours have been coaxed from the plants in the right way. So the complexity and the mouthfeel are really, really important.”

Adam Hannet, our Head Distilller.

Adam Hannett, Head Distiller at Bruichladdich Distillery has been intimately involved in every distillation of The Botanist Islay Dry Gin since the inaugural run in 2010. “We have always wanted to explore where we’re from – that sense of place is everything to us at Bruichladdich.

So The Botanist was almost an evolution of how we think when we make our whisky…Gin is a really interesting spirit because with whisky, there is a lot of legislation to follow. With gin, the possibilities, that curiosity and creativity, can really come through.

“From my point of view, to create a spirit, I want it to be very smooth. I want it to have a great mouthfeel, a great texture. That gives you length of flavour. And that comes from the way we distill. We know these things make a good whisky, they make a difference in the spirit, so of course we’re going to put the same principles into force when making The Botanist. We have to work hard. We’re not just boiling everything; we’re distilling very, very slowly. It’s just allowing things to happen naturally at their own pace, and that gives us the right style.

“The Botanist is an amazing thing when you think about the taste, because you can’t really wrestle it down to one thing. If you give yourself a bit of time with The Botanist, you allow it to open up, kind of hold it in your hand, warm it up slightly, you really start on the nose, to pick up certain botanicals. You’ll pick up a lot of the minty aspects to it. On the palette, you’re starting to get some of the spiciness coming through, some of the cinnamon, some of the juniper, certainly. That woodiness from the juniper is lovely. The more you open it, the more you allow it to breathe, neat – like a whisky, in many ways – if you drink it in the same way and analyse it in the same way as a whisky, you really pick up the complexity. It’s about the quality of the distillation bringing those flavours through.

The Botanist Wild a state of mind

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