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Read about new foraging ideas from members of our global foraging community. Learn how to forage edible plants in your local area.

The 22 botanicals

What are the botanicals in The Botanist Gin?

3 minute read

Wild Food vs. Cultivated Food - Which is Better?

In this series, Andy Hamilton, our longtime writer and collaborator,…
5 minute read
gin and tonic with foraged botanicals

Flavours and Aromas in The Botanist

The Botanist is famed for its versatility and complexity. Its…
< 1 minute read

Foraged Botanicals

It takes James 7 months every year to personally pick the botanical ingredients for our gin, leaf by leaf, flower by flower, when each plant is in its prime.
4 minute read
What is The Botanist gin's signature serve? Local, seasonal and personal! How to a make your gin and tonic more exciting

How Much Difference Do Garnishes Make?

It is a verdant moment here, with lots of garden plants and…
3 minute read
a basket of fynbos flavours

Tasting in Technicolor

Imagine a 360 degree timelapse of your local landscape over…
3 minute read
plant families

Plant Families

Plant families cross the world. They connect a thing that is…
2 minute read
ashley macgregor the botanist tour

Bog Myrtle Bitters

Ashley MacGregor has worked at the distillery since March 2015.…
2 minute read
wild vermouth

Vermouth - Red, White, and Wild

Whichever way you look at vermouth, there's more to it than…
< 1 minute read
Bridgend Woods

Five ways to be more wild

Here are five things you could try, if you haven't already,…
2 minute read

Here and Now - Winter

Carl Reavey loves this over-looked winter green with an oatcake when he's been out for a typically galeforce lunchtime walk with his wife Jan
2 minute read

Drinker's Guide To Conifers

We all love juniper, but lots of other conifers, from christmas trees to spruce plantations, make great drinks ingredients
2 minute read
lunch with added wild

Wild food tastes better, discuss

Exploring a hunch that wild foods are tastier and better for you than cultivated, with the help of some open-source scientific back-up
2 minute read

Be the Botanist

Does it matter where you are, or what season of the year it is?  Given…
2 minute read
Claudia Uffhaus - Fynbos immersion meditation

Fynbos Immersion

< 1 minute read
Trakke production

Trakke x The Botanist

< 1 minute read
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