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The 22 botanicals

What are the botanicals in The Botanist Gin?

2 minute read
gin and tonic with foraged botanicals

Flavours and Aromas in The Botanist

The Botanist is famed for its versatility and complexity. Its…
< 1 minute read

Drinker's Guide To Conifers

We all love juniper, but lots of other conifers, from christmas trees to spruce plantations, make great drinks ingredients
2 minute read
lunch with added wild

Wild food tastes better, discuss

Exploring a hunch that wild foods are tastier and better for you than cultivated, with the help of some open-source scientific back-up
2 minute read
What is The Botanist gin's signature serve? Local, seasonal and personal! How to a make your gin and tonic more exciting

How to Make Your Gin and Tonic More Exciting

What is The Botanist gin's signature serve? Local, seasonal and personal! How to a make your gin and tonic more exciting
3 minute read
lavatera flowers for infusion in gin

Colour-changing Gin and Tonic

Priming your gin with this common garden and wayside flower before making your gin and tonic yields some surprising results...
< 1 minute read
primrose illegal

Primroses and The Law

2 minute read
Alpine Absinthe - Wild wormwood

Alpine Absinthe

Andy Hamilton in the Italian alps in search of the secrets of Vermouth, to make his version of an alpine absinthe. He shares his tale and his recipe here.
4 minute read
birch trees in Spring

Birch Bitters

< 1 minute read
The medicinal commute - lime blossom

The medicinal commute

< 1 minute read
Dock leaves and stems edible and delicious

The Rumex Cube

It was only recently that I discovered you could eat dock stems. That's dock, Rumex crispus the curly leaved variety and Rumex obtusifolius
3 minute read
wild angelica growing on Islay

Carrot Family Bitters

There are members of the carrot family growing wild and in abundance that are potentially fatal - you must be able to tell apart the different species with 100% certainty
2 minute read

Wormwood - A love affair & DIY Absinthe

I've sadly never encountered uncultivated wormwood in the UK. So, on my return from Italy, I quickly went out and bought my own plant and planted some in a spot in my garden.
5 minute read
Michael Kaplan Great British Vermouth and The Botanis

The Great British Vermouth

We had a visit from Michael Kaplan of Great British Vermouth Ltd this week.
3 minute read
Woodsage - try it in your beer

Uses for Wood Sage

Unlike hops, where just the flowers are used you can use the whole of the wood sage plant to brew with - great, no waste and trouble free, you might think - well no!
< 1 minute read
The Botanist Gin Hawthorn

The Mayflower - Hawthorn

The Mayflower is a shruby tree that produces a small pink-blushed white flower with a sweet earthy scent akin to elder blossom.
2 minute read
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