Colour-changing Gin and Tonic


We’re not in the business of releasing gimmick bottlings, but here’s a super-simple, all-natural party trick to make your gin and tonic stand out!

Prime your gin with a Lavatera (common mallow) flower and it’ll go pink before your eyes as you add the tonic.

Lavatera is widely available in garden centres – it’s a cottage garden flower – and It can also be seen growing wild by the roadsides in Europe. The flowers are on the end of stalks, and have 5 petals, usually a shade of pink, with prominent stamens. Leaves look a bit like currant leaves; clear veins coming out hand-style from the base where it joins the stem.

All you need to do is

  1. collect a jar of lavatera flowers
  2. cover with gin
  3. chop through with scissors
  4. leave for 2-3 hours then strain the liquid into a glass. Discard the flowers
  5. Make your gin and tonic with the lavatera infused liquid and marvel at the emerging colour!

all natural pink gin and tonic

We THINK it’s the carbonation in the tonic that might be causing the chemical reaction – but please get in touch with us if you can provide any more insight on this…

With thanks to Ewald Stromer from our German team, who originally shared this for Ashley to try on the gin tours at the distillery

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