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Fern or Foe

Fiddlehead fern are seemingly all the rage in farmers markets, especially in the United States.
4 minute read
looking thirstily at the tree line - Drink Sap

Drink tree sap!

My lightbulb moment that there were bigger trees to tap and drink than my loyal birches came moments too late for me to taste the sap of my new loves this year.
2 minute read
Birch sap trees

Reducing Birch sap to syrup

In my first year of birch sap tapping and syrup reducing, I managed to make 1 litre of syrup.
< 1 minute read
sea plantain Plantago maritima (sea Arrowgrass)

Sea Arrowgrass

It turns out this was sea arrowgrass, Triglochin maritima, which is not in any of the foraging guidebooks.
2 minute read
Spring in Islay Community Garden

Winter Into Spring time

It's clear to see that we're at the junction of the seasons just now in Islay. Dropping in at the community gardens confirms that the Spring has come early
< 1 minute read
Roushanna Gray

Sour Fig

De-fruit the sour figs and set this aside. I then made a burnt muscovado sugar Rosso Vermouth.
< 1 minute read
gin and tonic with applemint garnish - varieties of mint

Varieties of mint

If the public were taught more about just how many varieties of mint there are then they would soon be demanding for more variety
< 1 minute read
gin and tonic with applemint garnish - varieties of mint


< 1 minute read

Heather - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

Take a walk out on any heath across the UK and you'll be sure to find an abundance of heather. It loves the infertile acid rich soil and the cool climate.
< 1 minute read

Season of the Seedheads

Identifying three cracking and common members of the carrot family, using their seeds.
2 minute read
Sweet cicely great in alcohol

Sweet Cicely the godfather of the carrot family

Sweet Cicely is a true gem of a plant and one that can add a much needed sweetness to a cocktail or even a wild dish.
2 minute read

Tansy - Miscellany of the 22 botanicals

Tansy is one of those plants that you smell before you see. It's aroma can hang in the air and waft along its riverbank home.
2 minute read
Bog Myrtle - taken by Alfredo Caliz

bog myrtle - alcohol's favourite herb

Bog Myrtle, ancient beer ingredient that might just send you beserk!
< 1 minute read
Creeping thistle flower used in the botanist gin

Creeping Thistle and Sweet Chilli

The thistles I had been eating were creeping thistles and what I found the most rewarding was the thistle nut that sits in the centre of the flowering head.
3 minute read

Hawthorn - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

2 minute read
lemon balm

Lemon Balm - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

Chamomile, lime blossom, and lemon balm can all be used by a herbalist for anxious patients. They are all great after a meal and will all help reduce stress
2 minute read
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