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Foraging for gorse

Gorse - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

3 minute read

Meadowsweet - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

Suffer from foul breath and flatulence? You need meadowsweet...
4 minute read
Juniper in Arizona

Juniper - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

One breath of juniper smoke, like the perfume of sagebrush after rain, evokes in magical catalysis, the strangeness of the American West.
4 minute read
lady's bedstraw

Ladys Bedstraw - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

Ladys bedstraw, an asset in the herbalists armoury, an aid to the cheese maker as much as to the dyer and one of the 22 botanicals in The Botanist.
3 minute read
Wild thyme

Wild Thyme - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

Wild thyme - A wonderful cocktail ingredient use it as a basis to make your own Mediterranean tonic water.
3 minute read
Wild Food

Wild Food & Cocktail Pairing in South Africa

Dreaming up the menu is always the romantic part of a wild food dinner for me. The wooing of ideas, the pairing of ingredients, flirting with the flavours
4 minute read
the absinthe drinker - thujone

Thujone, is it safe?

Thujone is a known poison and the FDA (food and drug adminstration in the U.S) have restricted it's use, but is this an overreaction?
4 minute read
mugwort seeds

Mugwort - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

By far the most interesting brew has been my mugwort ale, the earthy flavours pair perfectly with a pale malt and it enhances the flavours of the other hops
3 minute read
Andy hamilton - Chamomile

Chamomile - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

There is a patch of Chamomile growing in my adopted city of Bristol; it grows in a park near the M32 motorway.
4 minute read

White Clover - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

Clover and especially white clover is a plant that is extremely common and indigenous to Europe and Central Asia.
4 minute read
apple mint

Apple Mint - Miscellany of the 22 Botanicals

Something the Ancient Egyptians also did was to allow their pharaohs to pay taxes using apple mint, also known as Egyptian mint.
4 minute read

Elderflower - Miscellany of the 22

Elderflowers. If there ever was a sight to signify the long heady days of summer it would be the Elder in full bloom.
4 minute read

Drinker's Guide to Crab Apples

Crab apples are high in mallic acid which can be cheek-puckeringly sour - its the same acidity as is used as a coating on many fizzy jelly sweets.
3 minute read

Drinker's Guide to Meadowsweet

Meadowsweet is abundant, delightful, medicinal and complex - and is a great addition to any wild drinks cabinet.
3 minute read
Wood Avens

Drinker's Guide to Wood Avens

Wood avens (geum urbanum) is also commonly referred to as herb bennet - which always makes me imagine a 1950's trumpet player.
3 minute read
Sweet Cicely

Drinker's Guide to Sweet Cicely

With so many traditions of anise-based drinks across Europe, its surprising that the UK doesn't make more use of this delightfully sweet aniseed flavoured plant.
3 minute read
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