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Read about new foraging ideas from members of our global foraging community. Learn how to forage edible plants in your local area.

Sweet Gale and Blossom Bitters

Sweet Gale and Blossom Bitters

2 minute read
primrose illegal

Primroses and The Law

3 minute read
spring snowflake islay

Here and Now - James on March

2 minute read

Here and Now - A New Year

3 minute read

Plant Identification - A World Away

3 minute read
Forest Bathing - Tree canopy

Forest Bathing

Retuning to nature. While 'forest bathing' may conjure up images of a steaming tin bathtub under a blossomed tree canopy - which we would love too
4 minute read
Alpine Absinthe - Wild wormwood

Alpine Absinthe

Andy Hamilton in the Italian alps in search of the secrets of Vermouth, to make his version of an alpine absinthe. He shares his tale and his recipe here.
5 minute read

Here and Now - Transitions

Not able to get to Islay? Take a read to get a flavour of what’s be happening during the seasonal transitition this past month. From sloes to hazel there a seasonal change in the air.
4 minute read
birch trees in Spring

Birch Bitters

3 minute read
Lady's bedstraw drying

Here and Now - July

The summer months have proffered a long, hot and dry season here taking us all quite aback on Islay. With weeks of sunshine and no rain...
4 minute read
Forager Summit 2018

Foragers Summit 2018

3 minute read
The medicinal commute - lime blossom

The medicinal commute

3 minute read
Dock leaves and stems edible and delicious

The Rumex Cube

It was only recently that I discovered you could eat dock stems. That's dock, Rumex crispus the curly leaved variety and Rumex obtusifolius
4 minute read
The Botanist Wild Rosehip Syrup - Kate Hannett

Kate's Wild Rosehip Syrup

Along wooded pathways to the north east of Islay can be found clumps of wild field roses and I gathered some of their few rosehips last month
3 minute read
wild angelica growing on Islay

Carrot Family Bitters

There are members of the carrot family growing wild and in abundance that are potentially fatal - you must be able to tell apart the different species with 100% certainty
3 minute read

Wormwood - A love affair & DIY Absinthe

I've sadly never encountered uncultivated wormwood in the UK. So, on my return from Italy, I quickly went out and bought my own plant and planted some in a spot in my garden.
6 minute read
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