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Read about new foraging ideas from members of our global foraging community. Learn how to forage edible plants in your local area.

picking rose petals to infuse in gin

How to Make Infused Gin

Our homemade rose petal-infused gin has been a hit as of late on the Laddieshop's Botanist tours, having been used in a couple of our featured cocktails.
4 minute read
Scratch foraged Islay grenadine

A Scratch Grenadine

Flicking through Harry Craddock's Savoy Cocktail Book recently, I was struck by how many of these recipes that have stood the test of time called for grenadine.
3 minute read
Beginner's cocktails by Hannah Carmichael

Beginner's Cocktail Syrups

2 minute read

Foraging - it takes your brain to another dimension

At the beginning of May, I took up my new role, Professional Forager for The Botanist. Yes, that’s a real thing, and about the most exciting opportunity I could imagine.
3 minute read
Get Set to make seasonal bitters tinctures at Bruichladdich

Beginner's Tinctures

The plan was to make a range of tinctures, that we could use as cocktail bitters, using four different plants
4 minute read

Academy Garden Absinthe - v1

4 minute read
wild inspiration with Mark Williams

Go wild with Mark Williams

3 minute read
The Machair sand dunes marram grass Isle of Islay

The Machair

Here in western Scotland the 'grassy' grazed hilltops of the dunes behind the sandy shore are where the machair forms, one of the rarest habitats in Europe.
2 minute read
Michael Kaplan Great British Vermouth and The Botanis

The Great British Vermouth

We had a visit from Michael Kaplan of Great British Vermouth Ltd this week.
4 minute read
Woodsage - try it in your beer

Uses for Wood Sage

Unlike hops, where just the flowers are used you can use the whole of the wood sage plant to brew with - great, no waste and trouble free, you might think - well no!
2 minute read
here and now foraging blog at bruichladdich - A lunchtime walk

Here and Now - a lunchtime walk

A lunchtime stroll around the distillery perimeter yesterday revealed all sorts of edible plants, at an interesting intersection of promise and abundance
4 minute read
The Botanist Gin Hawthorn

The Mayflower

The Mayflower is a shruby tree that produces a small pink-blushed white flower with a sweet earthy scent akin to elder blossom.
3 minute read

Fern or Foe

Fiddlehead fern are seemingly all the rage in farmers markets, especially in the United States.
3 minute read
looking thirstily at the tree line - Drink Sap

Drink tree sap!

My lightbulb moment that there were bigger trees to tap and drink than my loyal birches came moments too late for me to taste the sap of my new loves this year.
2 minute read
Foraged Spring pickings from Bridgend

Here and Now - Spring

Foraged Spring pickings from around Islay
8 minute read
Birch sap trees

Reducing Birch sap to syrup

In my first year of birch sap tapping and syrup reducing, I managed to make 1 litre of syrup.
2 minute read
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