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Drinker's Guide to Meadowsweet

Meadowsweet is abundant, delightful, medicinal and complex - and is a great addition to any wild drinks cabinet.
2 minute read
Wood Avens

Drinker's Guide to Wood Avens

Wood avens (geum urbanum) is also commonly referred to as herb bennet - which always makes me imagine a 1950's trumpet player.
3 minute read
Sweet Cicely

Drinker's Guide to Sweet Cicely

With so many traditions of anise-based drinks across Europe, its surprising that the UK doesn't make more use of this delightfully sweet aniseed flavoured plant.
3 minute read
elder berries

Drinker's Guide To Elder - Flowers and Berries

Elder should be a core member of any wild mixologist’s armoury. The flowers are one of nature’s finest edible treasures, the signature wild food of early summer in much of the temperate world.
3 minute read
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Wild Winter Leeks

Wild leeks are a great taste of spring in darkest January. Two varieties of wild leeks grow rapidly between November and March
3 minute read

Common Hogweed

Usually ignored, often despised, yet to the mindful forager common hogweed is one of the truly great wild food resources
3 minute read
wild angelica, Angelica sylvestris

The Carrot Family

If I were forced to choose only one plant family to rely on for food and flavour it would be the carrot family.
3 minute read
Taste your walk - A salt marsh is full of flavour.

Taste your Walk

3 minute read
Brambles - or blackberries as they are  often called

Bramble Jelly

If you happen to catch a glimpse of the face of a bramble picker you may notice a stained corner of their brimming mouths giving them up as a pick-one-eat-one sort of forager.
3 minute read
Islay spring - Water Mint

Spring in Islay

We have been exploring Islay this week in spring bloom. Many of the botanicals we use in the distillation of the Botanist are at their best right now
3 minute read
The Foraged Island Botanicals

The Foraged Island Botanicals

The spirit would have been consumed young and there are tantalising clues that it may have been flavoured using local island botanicals. What were they?
2 minute read
The 22 botanicals

What are the botanicals in The Botanist Gin?

2 minute read
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