Trakke x The Botanist


As passionate distillers The Botanist and Bruichladdich have always been eager to celebrate like-minded makers. We have been working with the Glasgow based bag manufacturers Trakke; a small company who value in-house production, champion British manufacture and use 90% UK made materials.

We have come together to create several new ideas including The Forager bag. Made to last a lifetime – manufactured and engineered in Scotland at Trakke HQ, it is a thoughtfully designed and versatile bag made for the outdoors and to fill with your foraging glut.

On Materials

The Forager messenger bag is made from Trakke’s ‘Salt & Pepper’ waxed canvas. It is composed of 55% nettle fibres and 45% cotton fibres. With cotton webbing, recycled stainless steel hardware and a weatherproof canvas liner; it is the all weather bag, open to being filled with all manner of plantlife, fungi and other foraged fare. Soil smeared hands, rain soaked leaves, Atlantic sea spray – this bag is made to take it.

Forged from wartime necessity within mainland Europe during the early 20th century; the nettle and cotton blend fabric utilises a ready and strong material that did not rely on global trades of cotton, short in supply. It was the Swiss who pioneered this method of nettle fibre mix, woven and made it has to almost have a camouflage effect and so it became synonymous with the Swiss Army. Trakke have sourced their waxed canvas from renowned waxed cotton makers Halley Stevenson in Dundee, Scotland

The strap is strong and adjustable, in The Botanist’s signature red.

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