What are the botanicals in The Botanist Gin?


Botanicals are the very essence of gin; its raison d’etre. The Botanist gin is made from 9 traditional gin botanicals and 22 Island botanicals, hand-picked and foraged by local botanists, Dr. Richard and Mavis Gulliver.

The 22

Angelica root *
Apple Mint
Birch leaves
Bog Myrtle leaves
Cassia bark *
Chamomile (sweet)
Cinnamon bark *
Coriander seed *
Creeping Thistle flowers
Elder flowers
Gorse flowers
Heather flowers
Hawthorn flowers
Juniper (prostrate) berries
Juniper berries *
Lady’s Bedstraw flowers
Lemon Balm
Lemon peel *
Liquorice root *
Meadow Sweet
Orange peel *
Oris root *
Peppermint leaves
Mugwort leaves
Red Clover flowers
Sweet Cicely leaves
Thyme leaves
Water Mint leaves
White Clover
Wood Sage leaves

* = Non Islay Botanical

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