History Features

Discover the history behind The Botanist gin, learn about its inspiration and the people who created it.

Duncan MacGillivray above the distillery on Islay

How The Botanist Came to Be - Part 1

The Botanist was born of a mixture of strong personalities,…
< 1 minute read
Inside the stillhouse

How the Botanist Came to Be - Part 2

Continuing the story of the creation of The Botanist Gin on…
8 minute read
Bottling The Botanist in Islay

How The Botanist Came to Be - Part 3

After we distil The Botanist, it’s time to house it in the…
4 minute read
A Botanist Gin Cocktail - London Cocktail Week 2016

London Cocktail Week 2016

Our presence at London Cocktail Week this year centres around serves bar Blixen, near Spitalfields Market at the East side of the city
5 minute read
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