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A new collaboration with Risdon and Risdon, apron-makers, has given us bespoke aprons with integrity.  They’re a family company – the result of mother Carla and two sons Alex and James pooling their skills. We caught up with Carla for some more detail.

The Botanist: How many hands has each pinny passed through?

Carla Risdon: 5! Val cut out the fabric pieces, Melinda machined the apron, Keira applied the embroidered branding, Dave attached the metalware, Alex cut and softened the leather straps. Plus James handmade the tags!

TB: Why do you care where the raw materials come from, what difference does it make?

CR: It is very important to us to use British made wherever possible. The fabric used for The Botanist apron is woven in Scotland and the metalware comes from a foundry in the West Midlands. This not only supports national and local economies, but means a low carbon footprint. It is very important that things should be built to last, the planet cannot afford throw away fashion. By using the best we can for each component it ensures extremely high quality that is not wasteful in its resources or its manufacture.

TB: Can you describe your home / factory / surroundings?

CR: We all live and work in the beautiful old town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, where our workshop is in an old Victorian building down a cobbled lane. Being surrounded by so many historic buildings really gives you a connection with the past which is very inspiring. Shropshire is quite an unassuming county for its large size, but visit the towns and villages and they are hubs of great creativity and talent. Charles Darwin (botanist!) was born in Shrewsbury and he features a lot in the town.

TB: Your customers, and how they value the items, is there something to say about the zeitgeist there?

CR: Our customers are incredibly diverse – we have sold to chefs and artists, as well as gardeners, jewellers and violin makers! They come to us because they see their own values in what we do. There is honesty and integrity in the whole process of what goes into our aprons and that continues when the new owner puts it on to create their own task or objective. The apron becomes such an essential part of their kit and people become very attached to them!

Indulge yourself more on the Risdon and Risdon website >

Botanist aprons now available from the Laddieshop +44 1496 850 190, priced £85.

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