Botanist Arrives In Singapore


For The Botanist launch in the concrete jungle that is Singapore, the focus was on urban foraging. Guests enjoyed refreshing glasses of The Botanist and artisanal tonic garnished with a variety of herbs amidst the lush greenery of The Rabbit Hole.

Our own Richard Gillam introduced the brand and enthusiastically told the story of The Botanist’s conception in Islay, which captivated the guests.

Guest speaker Vijay Mudaliar, a self-professed avid urban forager and bartender, spoke extensively about his foraging journey: scaling fences to get at wild fruit growing on tall trees, developing allergic reactions after eating on plants he foraged, and even the rules of urban foraging that he practices- if insects eat it, it is probably not poisonous!

Vijay and Richard then made cocktails utilising foraged ingredients for guests to try; Vijay made a Negroni variation using foraged jackfruit and a twist on Bee’s Knees using foraged starfruit and pink jasmines, while Richard made a “Purple Lady” using foraged blue pea flowers.

The Botanist can be bought online at, www., and and at Absolut teak liquor shop, No. 321 Geylang Road Singapore 389358

Or experience The Botanist over the bar at the following cocktail venues:

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