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Nick Weston

Nick’s Story

East Sussex, England

A hunter, forager, fisherman and chef from the UK, Nick Weston is a man with a passion for wild food and fire. He left London after 3 years working as a freelance chef in the events industry and built a treehouse in a quiet Sussex wood. Living there off-grid helped Nick to gain a better understanding of how to use the wild ingredients that he acquired through foraging, fishing and hunting.

“When you rely on wild plants, hunting and fishing for your sustenance, you really feel every moment of it.”

This provided him with a rich, varied diet and self-sufficient lifestyle, which would go on to form the ethos of Hunter Gather Cook. The foraging and cookery school teaches people the skills to thrive outdoors.

Nick’s vision was to create a ‘Hunter-Gatherer’ school that blended a mixture of foraging, animal butchery, cooking and bushcraft with an emphasis in living comfortably in the great outdoors and creating high-end dishes using wild produce. Thanks to Nick, more people are discovering their wild side!

“That’s what we’re all striving to do. Eat the best food we can in the best place we can.”

Itchin for fishin: Nick Weston

Nick Weston has made a career out of living like a hunter-gatherer. Living wild doesn’t need to mean scrimping on ingredients or execution – Nick’s an expert on foraging and fishing for the finest produce and creating high end dishes that delight the fussiest of palates. And the best part? He can teach you to do the same.

Five short films

Showcasing members of our global Botanist forager network.

Film 1/5

Roshuanna Gray

South Africa
Roushanna Gray

Film 2/5

Vijay Mudalier

Vijay Mudaliar

Film 3/5

Nick Weston

Nick Weston

Film 4/5

Philip Stark

Philip Stark

Film 5/5

Nick Liu

Nick Liu


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