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Nick Weston

Nick Weston - Itchin for fishin

Unassuming, calm and collected, Nick Weston is a man of intrigue. Director, owner, chef, hunter and forager of Hunter, Gather, Cook Nick is a busy man but a man with strong ideals and a proactive manner. 
3 minute read
Nick Lui - Chef

Finding Toronto

3 minute read
Nurdin Topham - nur x cub

Nourishing Gastronomy: introducing Nurdin Topham

Nurdin Topham's NUR Hong Kong won a michelin star soon after opening. Here he shares some of his background and philosophy of food.
3 minute read
ridson and ridson botanist apron

An apron with meaning

A new collaboration with Risdon and Risdon, apron-makers, has…
3 minute read
Vijay Mudaliar - Native bar, Singapore

NATIVE BAR: Sustainability and Spirit

3 minute read
Aristea macrocarpa

One Year On - Good Hope Gardens

3 minute read
Fynbos Fire

Summer, In Which the World Catches Alight

2 minute read
James Donaldson in the woods

Meet our Forager James Donaldson

James Donaldson, our first full-time forager, lives at Newton near Bridgend, and has a degree in Botany from Edinburgh University.
3 minute read
Richard and Mavis Gulliver Jim McEwan The Botanist gin

Dr. Richard and Mavis Gulliver Retire

We enjoyed a very splendid cake last week, beautifully baked by Katie to mark the retirement of our botanical scientists Dr. Richard and Mavis Gulliver.
3 minute read
liz knight

Capturing the moment with Liz Knight

4 minute read
Forager profile - Liz Knight

Forager Profile - Liz Knight

4 minute read
Ellen Zachos demonstrating a wildcrafted cocktail with The Botanist Gin

Forager Profile - Ellen Zachos

Ellen Zachos, author of Backyard Foraging, and other titles, originally got into foraging via her work at New York Botanic Gardens.
5 minute read

Universal Works

Since 2014, we've been involved in celebrating Nottingham-based Universal Works' new seasons collections. Last week saw the launch of their SS17, 'Revolution'.
4 minute read
Mushroom Bitters

Mushroom Bitters

Turkey Tail mushroom, Trametes versicolor, is very plentiful in the New York area and in lots of places [including Bridgend Woods, Islay! Ed. See wiki for more info about how to ID it.
4 minute read
Mina Ebihara The Botanist Gin academy on Islay

Mina's Global Garden

Mina Ebihara of Mugiya, Mayazaki Prefecture, managed to recreate a drink that had already won plaudits in Japan, using all Islay, foraged herbs.
2 minute read
mark williams

Forager Profile - Mark Williams

We are very glad to have Mark Williams, Scotland’s only full-time foraging tutor, with us regularly on Islay, sharing some of his knowledge of native plants
3 minute read
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