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Caitlin Hill

Interview with Caitlin Hill

Caitlin Hill, of 'Mother's Ruin' Gin Bar, Cape Town, visited us this October as part of the #BotanistSA foraged cocktails winners' delegation.
3 minute read
Craig Grozier

Chef profile - Craig Grozier

We’ve been working with Scottish chef Craig Grozier since sampling his foraged canapés for the Caledonian Bartenders Cup, which we sponsored in 2014
< 1 minute read
Singapore Launch - Richard Gillam and Vijay Mudaliar prepsring cocktails

Botanist Arrives In Singapore

2 minute read
Rupert waites on Islay

Chef Profile - Rupert Waites

Rupert Waites is half of respected wild food outfit 'Buck and Birch', based in Scotland's East Lothian.
4 minute read
Phiippa Marsden

Chef profile - Philippa Marsden

'Wild food gives me a kick in so many ways' - Philippa Marsden recalls the key influences in her culinary career to date.
2 minute read
Abi Clephane in the Botanist Tent

The Botanist Tent 2016

Feis Ile, the Islay Festival of Malt and Music is a wonderful opportunity to introduce lots of our guests to new concepts like the Botanist tent
< 1 minute read

Botanical Talk In Istanbul

Botanist brand ambassador Joanne Brown travelled to Istanbul late last month to spread the word about our Islay-made gin.
< 1 minute read

Foodie Turned Forager: Roushanna Gray

Many would baulk at being let loose in such a beautiful but unpredictable terrain, but local forager Roushanna Gray is in her element.
< 1 minute read
The Botanist in South Africa

The Botanist in South Africa

The Botanist has been launched in South Africa with a number of events aimed at introducing the concept of foraging to local experts and gin lovers
2 minute read
Barney in Wales

Always Whittling

There’s just something about whittling. I’ve carried an old wooden chair from the kitchen down to the garden and placed it just above the vegetable patch where it looks out over a valley in Spring.
4 minute read
Mark Williams

Introducing Mark Williams, Forager

Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods is Scotland's only full-time foraging tutor. Here he writes a few words about his recent visit to Islay
< 1 minute read
The Scottish Series

The Scottish Series

The final day of sailing in this year’s Silvers Marine Scottish Series saw the fleet take part in two races in light and tricky conditions
2 minute read
Ailsa, Ellen Zachos, Isadora and Kate out foraging

Ellen Zachos - Backyard Foraging

It was good to have Ellen Zachos from New York visit us recently. Ellen is the author of a number of books, including 'Backyard Foraging'
2 minute read

The CBC video from LA Group Glasgow

This classy little video by LA Group shows the lead up to the Caledonian Bartenders Cup which was held in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday 15th April 2014
< 1 minute read
Great Glasgow venue at the LA Group - Caledonian Bartenders Cup

The Caledonian Bartenders Cup

The second Caledonian Bartenders Cup (CBC) competition was held in Glasgow on 15th April 2014 sponsored by the Liquid Arts Academy (LA Group) and The Botanist.
2 minute read
Jim McEwan in the still house

Jim McEwan

Jim McEwan is one of the best known distillers in Scotland. He was inducted into Whisky Magazine's "Hall of Fame" in 2014.
< 1 minute read
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