Porcini Mushroom Tincture – Scottish Umami


Umami flavours can be found across the Scottish landscape, and it only took a trip to my local woodlands to find the perfect umami addition to the cocktail – the Porcini mushroom.

A favourite of inspired and progressive chefs throughout the world, we are gifted with many varieties of the Porcini in Scottish woodlands throughout Autumn, and my choice mushroom for umami, the Brown Birch Bolete, is common in birch woods and under birch trees.

The problem is how to transfer the umami flavour of the mushroom into the drink? The easiest method I found was to dehydrate the mushrooms, then add to neutral spirit.

Porcini Mushroom Tincture:
50g dehydrated foraged Porcini Mushroom
200g Neutral Spirit

Macerate for 4 weeks or longer to taste.

If you’re not lucky enough to have use of a dehydrator, set your oven to a low heat and place diced mushrooms on a rack and leave with the door slightly open for circulation. Check every hour or so. The process should take around 12hrs.

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