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The Botanist martini

Martini Types

Know your types of martini! A traditional Martini contains gin and dry vermouth (a fortified wine flavoured with botanicals). The […]

Ham Hock, Hash browns, Quince, Scots Lovage

A New Year’s Menu

The Scots call New Year’s Eve Hogmanay. It involves the best traditions of hospitality within the home. Chef Craig Grozier […]

Summer Outdoor Terraces

As the summer heats up and venues reopen, you might be wondering about the best places to enjoy a refreshing […]

gin and tonic with foraged botanicals

No Perfect Serve?

Walk into any bar, in any part of the world, and you’ll be able to order one of the word’s […]

foraged cocktail with oxalis

Cocktail Oxalis pes-caprae

Commonly known in South Africa as wild sorrel, suurangs or soursucks, Oxalis comes from the Greek name “oxis” meaning acid, […]

Yao Lu

From China to Islay

The Botanist Gin launched in China in October last year. We were thrilled to have a group of elite bartenders and opinion-formers and our brand ambassador Perry Zhou with us on Islay last week

foraged liquorice fern bitters Ellen zachos

Make Your Own Bitters

Anyone who appreciates a craft cocktail knows that bitters are essential to the well-stocked liquor cabinet.

ellen tinctures - yarrow

Seasonal Tinctures

When deciding what to tincture, consider the season. Foragers generally harvest plants and mushrooms when they are at their peak. […]

Sloe Vermouth Recipe

This Sloe Vermouth is a fresh take on how to make the most of your leftover hedgerow sloeberries this winter

Foraged Vermouth

A good gin partnered by a fine vermouth is a wonderful thing. Here’s some tips on how to craft bespoke vermouths with bitter, aromatic wild plants.

West Coast wild flavors - Wild herbs, veg, spice, seaweeds and edible flowers

West Coast flavours

I’ve just spent a magical 10 days camping, foraging and cooking on the beach along west coast of South Africa at a beautiful wild spot called Elands Bay

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