Apple Mint Cordial


We begin to create our Apple Mint Cordial by striking up the camping stove in a nearby lay-by where we boiled equal parts of water and sugar (1 litre and 1kg) until the sugar was dissolved.  An easy recipe to scale up or down, you could use less sugar if desired or you could try using honey. Then we simply shredded the mint leaves and added to the syrup. Shredding, tearing and slicing the leaves increase the surface area and thus the release of flavours.

Sitting patiently in the lay-by, waiting for our concoction to come back to the boil, we discovered and threw in a couple of white and red clovers from the verge and even a little St John’s Wort – to keep the mind content.

We picked four large handfuls of Apple Mint from a fantastically fragrant spot on the set-aside border of a grassy field.

Once back to a gentle boil we added a teaspoon of citric acid (well, lemon juice) and a teaspoon of cream of tartar – to help preserve the cordial. After ten minutes we bottled the cordial, leaves and all and left to steep overnight.  The last stage is then to simply strain out the leaves – being sure to extract all the juice.

Drink how you wish, with soda water, with a Botanist and tonic or as adventurous as you like. We tasted a little that afternoon, drizzled over a fruit salad.

Steeping the cordial in a Kilner jar

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