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Discover new and exciting recipes to make with foraged flavours.

Wild mint – mentha longifolia

As there are three different types of wild mint in the 22 foraged botanicals found in the The Botanist Gin
2 minute read
Slow Survival - Osyris berry infused Botanist Gin cocktail

Osyris compressa

Osyris compressa, a hardy shrub indigenous to South Africa, whose wild, dark purple berries can be gathered almost all year round.
3 minute read
Andy Hamilton - How to make Alexanders bitters

How to make Alexanders bitters -W/ Video

The Romans can't have travelled light as it often seems they bought much of the naturalised flora and fauna to the UK and Alexanders bitters is no exception.
2 minute read
The Botanist Foraged Cocktail Competition - Japan

The Botanist Foraged Cocktail Competition - Japan

The Botanist Japan held its first foraged cocktail competition, comprising a host of bartenders from across Tokyo.
2 minute read
graveyard foraged toinic water

Foraged Tonic Water - The Graveyard B&T

Why mix your artisanal, foraged gin with mass-produced tonic water? Make your own tonic water with everyday plants...
2 minute read
Wild hops country

Area Hopping - A tincture of Wild Hops

3 minute read
Iced Tea from Bog Myrtle (Myrica gale)

Carbonated Wild Botanical Iced Tea

The carbonated Iced Tea can be used as a base recipe for making foraged sodas, no matter what the ingredients or season you may be playing with!
2 minute read
The Foraged Red Snapper

The Search for a Scottish Bloody Mary

Inspired by the creativity of bartenders throughout history with this classic 'hair-of-the-dog' cocktail I about replicating the bloody mary, Scottish Style
2 minute read
Water-Pepper Infused Botanist

Water Pepper Infused Botanist

For an unexpected hit of Scottish spice, I was introduced by foraging guru Mark Williams to Water Pepper (Polygonum hydropiper).
2 minute read
Wild Dog Rose hip

Rose Hip Syrup

Rose hip is abundant at this time of year. Some books say that they are best left until they have been shrivelled by the first frost of winter, but we have been making delicious syrup on warm September evenings.
3 minute read
Apple Mint Cordial - Bring botanicals to a simmer in a pan

Apple Mint Cordial

We begin to create our Apple Mint Cordial by striking up the camping stove in a nearby lay-by where we boiled equal parts of water and sugar
2 minute read
Meadowsweet leaves

Meadowsweet Fizzzzz

However, here we are using meadowsweet in the same way as elderflower, making a meadowsweet sparkling wine, which really is quite simple.
2 minute read
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