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Apple Mint Cordial - Bring botanicals to a simmer in a pan

Apple Mint Cordial

We begin to create our Apple Mint Cordial by striking up the camping stove in a nearby lay-by where we boiled equal parts of water and sugar
2 minute read
Meadowsweet leaves

Meadowsweet Fizzzzz

However, here we are using meadowsweet in the same way as elderflower, making a meadowsweet sparkling wine, which really is quite simple.
2 minute read
We steeped in Kilner jars - elderflower champagne

Foraged Mixers - A Light Sparkling Elderflower Wine

The recipe we used for this delightfully light elderflower sparkling wine was adapted by Mark Williams from Roger Phillips book “Wild Food”
2 minute read
Collecting whin is a prickly experience

Whin Syrup

Another tasty syrup made from foraged Whin that is easy to make and delicious in cocktails with The Botanist dry islay gin
2 minute read

Wild Violet Syrup

The common dog violet (Viola viviniana) is abundant on Islay in spring. We were out foraging with Ellen Zachos from New York who recommended at least 2 cups full of these tiny little flowers
2 minute read
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