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Springtime on the West Coast of South Africa

I’ve just spent a magical 10 days and 10 nights camping, foraging and cooking on the beach along west coast of South Africa at a beautiful wild spot called Elands Bay for the filming of a surf movie called Deep Blue Middle Sea. It was the inspirational springboard for many delicious new seaweed based recipes. Imagine: a myriad of blue hues in both sea and sky, the bright goldens, pinks and and oranges of the wildflowers spread out in carpets all over the ground and mountains, gentle sun kissed sea-salted skin, sandy surfboards, bare feet, rock-pools filled with mussels and seaweeds, a perfect left handed point-break, fresh fish, friends, music and camp fires.

This cocktail is named “kreef “ or crayfish, after the local delicacy available in season along the west coast – also something that you might turn into if you camp at the beach for too long.

The Kreef (Serves 4)


  • Macerate a selection of seaweeds in gin overnight. I used Ulva, Phorphyra and Codium  species.
  • Grill a whole pineapple, peeled and sliced, over the fire and then crush and strain through a sieve.
  • Shake up 6 ounces of seaweed gin, 2 ounces of Rose Pelargonium syrup and the grilled pineapple juice with ice.
  • Strain and pour, top up with tonic and garnish with Carpobrotus edulis flower petals.
  • Have several more, crawl up the beach, into your tent and dream of the Atlantic.

More about the Deep Blue Middle Sea surf film project >

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