Whin Syrup


Collect 750 (approx.) grams of whin flowers.  Add equal amounts of sugar and mix together in a kilner jar (or similar).  Leave for about a week –  the sugar needs time to take on the flavour of the whin.

Then scoop out a tablespoon of sugar as a sample and seive out the flowers.  Taste the sugar and see if you get any of the subtle coconut and vanilla flavours that are so characteristic of summer whin.  If it is not strong enough then give it a good shake and leave for another couple of days.

To make a simple syrup, empty your jar, flowers and all, into a large saucepan and add 750ml of water.   Heat gently, but do not let the syrup boil.  Leave for an hour or so, until the liquid is cool enough to touch.  Add up to 250mls more water if you feel the liquid is too sweet.

Let the liquid pass naturally through a jelly strainer (don’t force it through) and bottle.

(With thanks to Ellen Zachos)

Whin syrup


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