The spirit of Slow Food


The men and women driving progressive thought in the culinary sphere have rejected the industrialised homogeneity of factory-farmed and store bought ingredients, plastic wrapped and bottled, and are stepping out into the wild to forage themselves for the authentic and unique flavours, aromas and textures to be discovered there.

Inspired by the thirty year odyssey of Carlo Petrini, the founder of the ‘ Slow Food ‘ movement, that reaction to the most modern and ubiquitous of homogenised commodities, “fast food”, are the work of groups of progressive thinkers such as those at those chefs who come together once or twice yearly in ‘Cook it Raw’ gatherings. These free thinkers believe in utilising cutting edge methods and techniques while having the utmost respect for local traditions and culture.  This is a philosophical movement, embraced by fertile minds who are passionate about the future of their craft and the world that has nurtured them.

For many years now, avant garde chefs working in some of the world’s finest restaurants have been turning to their local environment, to nature, for their inspiration.

This community, our community, believes that food and drink should be the ultimate expression of the heart and soul of a place and a people and of a time.  We act locally, but think globally.  We are not parochial.  There is so much that connects us all, so much opportunity for us to share ideas and appreciate the skills of those who proudly project what they do across the global stage.

To progressive bartenders, driven by the desire to bring joy to others, this is pure excitement, and it is our mission to provoke this further.

The Botanist is a complex Islay gin of impeccable provenance, and also a creative opportunity.  A drink for the mind as well as the palate it invites experimentation, it invites the the bartender out into their own locale to forage for ingredients that will compliment this extraordinary spirit. Carlo Petrini would, we hope, approve.

Thanks to Anton Sucksdorff and Carl Reavey for the photography.

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