Sustainability Features

What does sustainability mean to us? As a B-Corp company, we take our commitment to protecting the environment seriously. More on positive change here.

The Botanist Plant Conservation Edition

Plant Conservation Edition

One-fifth of all plant species are threatened with extinction. Our…
5 minute read
oxalis fragilis in flower

Saving Plants Together

We’ve been working with Botanic Gardens Conservation International…
4 minute read
hidden garden COP26 event

A world first: Setting the standard for reforestation

Glasgow's Hidden Gardens was the backdrop for a major announcement…
3 minute read
Curator Ryan Guillou San Fransisco Botanic Garden

Saving Magnolia

At the San Francisco Botanical Garden, Ryan, Botanic Garden Curator,…
3 minute read
Holly Jones Innisfree Farms Botanic Garden

And go to Innisfree

On Vancouver Island, Canada, in land characterised by the Trent…
4 minute read
Anurag Dhyani in the forests of the Western Ghats

Passage to India

Dr Anurag Dhyani’s career as a conservation scientist began…
3 minute read
Magnolia campbellii Darjeeling San Fransisco

The Botanist x BGCI Year Two Announcement

4 minute read

Packaging - Leave No Trace

We like a challenge at The Botanist HQ. Finding a way to ensure…
4 minute read
volunteers at the community garden

A Community Giving Back

There’s an urban (or should that be rural?) myth that there…
4 minute read
HR at Bruichladdich Distillery

Aiming for 360* wellness

Hannah Thaxter looks at how the Botanist is working to improve…
4 minute read
The Botanist is made at Bruichladdich Distillery

Introducing the Distillery

The distillery where The Botanist is made opened in 1881. It…
4 minute read
don kirkwood fieldwork

Conservation Extremes

The gardens that we support around the world through our partnership…
3 minute read
Botanist in its new packaging

New Sustainable Packaging for The Botanist

In 2020, we announced our Sustainability Strategy which sets…
3 minute read

Hydrogen study given boost at Bruichladdich Distillery amidst plan to decarbonise by 2025

We’re delighted to announce that we have received support…
5 minute read
Mosses biodiveristy

Biodiversity - After Attenborough

After watching Sir David Attenborough’s “A Life on Planet…
5 minute read

On Coasts

Turns out, coasts are not only relevant to us islanders, but…
4 minute read
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