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The video below shows some of the headlines from the original audit we did of all our operations when we were going through the B Corp certification process.

B Corp has a rigorous marking system in five distinct areas, so companies can see how far on the journey they are towards the ultimate positive impact. The areas that are interrogated are how a company treats its workers, its customers, the environment, the community, and what’s in the small print of its governance. One of the differences between this and other schemes for evaluating the ethics or environmental credentials of a business is this emphasis on governance.  Commitments are underwritten in the company articles so it becomes a fiduciary duty not just to protect profits for shareholders, but to equally protect the planet and the people as stakeholders.

You can download the impact report that followed our first full year of B Corp certification here >.

And find out more about The Botanist’s B Corp journey so far here >.

B Corp month 2022

Our distillery is still one of only a few distilleries in the world to be certified, though we’re pleased to say that more businesses are joining this cohort of change-makers every day. Every March is B Corp month, when we all try to raise the conversation about what businesses can do to make a positive difference.

This year, we are pleased to be collaborating with Hattiers Rum to give away a full complement of sustainable spirits to celebrate B Corp month. The prize consists of one the delicious rums made by their small team in Devon, our Plant Conservation Edition that advocates for biodiversity in partnership with BGCI Botanic Gardens, and one of our whiskies produced from regenerative agriculture, The Biodynamic Project.

Full entry details here B Corp Month Giveaway >

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