Saving Plants Together


We’ve been working with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) for two years now. They are a charity that connects and advocates the conservation efforts of Botanical Gardens around the world. Not only are botanic gardens show gardens and green places of respite, they are research hubs. Behind the scenes, many are using their expertise in conservation techniques and seed banking to reverse the decline of unique plant species in their local areas. 

We have been directly funding conservation projects in gardens around the world through the BGCI’s ‘Global Botanic Garden Fund’. These projects focus on specific plants that are disappearing or unaccounted for in the wild. Often they result in new, living collections. The work results in finely tuned best practice and protocols; gardens share knowledge through the BGCI network so that the chances of making a real difference to lots of species are always rising. Find our more about the projects here.

South Africa, Canada, India, Mexico, Uganda, San Francisco.

We know that many of you care about nature as much as we do. We couldn’t make The Botanist without sensitivity to the wild edible plants of Islay. That local, seasonal, creative approach to food and drink has given us something in common with people all over the world – a thirst for knowledge, a wish to take responsibility for what we consume, and a pledge to be sustainable.

We’re deeply proud that, in collaboration with BGCI, we have come up with a new way to take the connection between our gin and our shared environment and the precious plants in it to the next level. All will be revealed later this week. 

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