Tomato, Lovage and Lemon Balm Shrub


Stemming from the Arabic term ‘sharab’, meaning ‘to drink’, making a shrub preserves the flavours of in-season produce using sweeteners and vinegar. Using native botanical lemon balm replaces the bright, fresh qualities that might be missed through the exclusion of conventional fresh citrus. After a resting period, the concentrate produced is both sweet and sour, while encapsulating the flavour of the fruit/veg.


  • 500g Garden Tomatoes
  • 300g Local City Honey
  • 300g Scottish Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Lockerbie Cider Vinegar producer Waulkmill)
  • 100g dehydrated Lovage flowers
  • 20g dehydrated Lemon Balm


Chop tomatoes into quarters to increase surface area, add all ingredients to a mason jar and stir to dissolve the honey.  Leave for three days and then muddle the tomatoes.  Allow to rest for 1-2weeks.  Taste throughout the process.

Strain through muslin or other fine cloth when the desired acidity/balance is achieved. Aim for a light acidity with a balanced finish.

Produces approx. 700ml of concentrate.

Home Grown Tomatoes

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