Foraged Cocktails

Our hand-foraged 22 botanicals underpin and shape the rich and complex taste of The Botanist. But it isn’t only our island botanicals that inspire us or account for incredible flavour. We are look to nature for inspiration in general, whether that be finding ways to use the lesser known or lesser loved ingredients to create incredible drinks or moving with the seasons and nature’s bounty. Look outside your window and adventure beyond your doorstep to find inspiration for your own creations and explore some of our favourites.

Mulled Gin

50ml (1½ oz) The Botanist Gin 150ml (5 oz) Cloudy apple…
Elderflower Collins

Elderflower Tom Collins

Rosemary Sour

Rosemary Gin Sour

60ml (2 oz) The Botanist Gin 30ml (1 oz) lemon juice 30ml…
Mint Seventy Five

French 75 with Mint


Basil Gin Sour

40ml (1½ oz) The Botanist Gin 20ml (¾ oz) lemon juice …
Thyme Bees Knees

Thyme Bees Knees

Chamomile Collins cocktail

Chamomile Tom Collins

Wild rose sour

Rose Gin Sour

Smoke and Roses cocktail

Smoke & Roses

Seaweed cordial

Citrus and Seaweed cordial

stinging nettle collins, simple foraged gin cocktail

Nettled Tom Collins

islay bramble gin cocktail

Islay Bramble

The Forager Fizz

The Forager's Sours

Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty

Shrimps From the Sea

Shrimps From the Sea

The Noble

The Noble

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