The Botanist Gibson Martini
Gibson Martini
By megan croall

Gibson Martini

By megan croall

The ‘Gibson’ Martini, named after Walter D.K. Gibson, who was a fan of pickled onions, takes a classic Dry Martini recipe, with the addition of 2 pickled onion garnishes adding a tangy, savoury finish.  This take on a classic cocktail allows The Botanist to be the hero.

One way to really customise this three-part drink is by making your own pickled onions. A common practice in cocktail bars, it’s an easy endeavour. Most recipes simply call for soaking or cooking a handful of cocktail onions in a brine of vinegar, sugar and pickling spices. Making your own onions ensures that your Gibson’s garnish is fresh and crunchy, imbuing the drink with depth and complexity rather than the artificial sweetness often associated with the jarred versions.

  • 75ml/2.5oz The Botanist
  • 15ml/0.5oz dry vermouth (chilled from the fridge)
  • Classic garnish: 2 x pickled onions
Instructions for making the Gibson Martini cocktail:
  1. Fill a Nick and Nora glass with ice and set aside
  2. Fill a mixing glass with 2/3 good quality ice cubes, add all the ingredients and stir continuously for at least 30 seconds to allow a small amount of dilution from the ice
  3. Empty the ice out of the glass
  4. Strain into your chilled Nick and Nora glass
  5. Garnish with two pickled onions or your own, homemade alternative

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The Botanist cocktails on these pages have been created by bartenders and enthusiasts from around the world. Many of you have visited our distillery and we hope to welcome many more in the years to come. We appreciate your input.

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