Autumn & Everything is Fungi-Dory

By Edible Leeds

  • 50ml Chanterelle Infused Botanist Gin.
  • 35ml 4 Fungi Schnapps.
  • Dash of Rowan Berry Verjus.
  • Carbonated Cep Tonic Water.
  • Cep Crisp or Fresh Cep Slice to garnish


Pop gin/ schnapps/ Rowan Verjus into cocktail shaker & shake to mix. Pour into glass. Break up a decent sized fresh cep & put into a cream whipper, add water (foraged or bottled), attach lid and blast with NO2 cartridge (or two), releasing gas after each addition. Finally use a CO2 cartridge to add ‘fizz. Pour desired amount of cep tonic water into glass, addd ice and decorate with a cep crisp or slice of fresh cep.

4 Fungi Schnapps is a cumulative process. Take a handful of fresh chanterelles, place in a kilner jar and add 750ml Vodka or other neutral grain spirit (eau de vie etc…). Add Ceps & Turkey Tail as they come into season and a quantity of Chaga (the addition of turkey tail and chaga in particular give this infusion a medicinal element – healthy booze, nice :)

Rowan Verjus: Juice 500g of Rowan Berries and pour into a empty plastic botttle, add a glug of Vodka (say 10% of total berry juice to slow any potential ferment – which will happen unless you freeze it).