Botanical Sbagliato

By Jane Carswell


The Sbagliato is basically a negroni cocktail base with extra sparkling wine. Here, the creative minds of Barbary Coast Singapore have added the fruitiness of rhubarb and the mellowing influence of dill. It was part of their world gin day 2020 take-away offering, with a charcuterie board. Those lucky locked-down  Singaporeans…

40ml rhubarb infused The Botanist Gin

40ml Sweet Vermouth

20ml Campari

Top with Prosecco



Stir the first three ingredients with ice.

Strain into glass with fresh ice.

Top with prosecco, stir.

Garnish with wild dill and lemon balm.

“The juniper heavy creaminess of The Botanist Gin is greatly enhanced with the rich subtleties of the acidic and earthy rhubarb while the Campari balances out the bitter tail end. Full bodied Sweet Vermouth combine elegantly with wild dill to give a well rounded herbaceous sweetness that compliments fresh Lemon Balm and the effervescence from Prosecco.”

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Both Dill and Lemon Balm are easily identifiable. The  former with its similarities to fennel and the latter a more delicate relation of the barman’s favourite – the mint leaf – its fragrance is what tells it apart.