Das Auto Inteligencia

By Andy Hamilton


There is an idea that mugwort is a divinatory herb, something that helps you see into the future. It is across cultures and throughout time that this, rather outlandish, claim seems to be made. All I can add to that discussion is that every time I drink mugwort, very strange dreams will follow. The very first time I dreamt of a world where cars were the dominant race; we’d somehow created an AI with a killer instinct and a hive mind.

  • 1 part botanist
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 1 part tansy and mugwort sugar syrup


Stir all the ingredients together over ice. Exceeding three of these will result in some very odd dreams indeed. You have been warned!

If you wanted to have a quick look into any possible future, or even are just content with drinking something right now, the following cocktail is a tasty gate-way. It has to be said too, tansy is a great ingredient to play around with and it pairs very well with citrus. Not to be given to pregnant folk or drunk in quantity. See Thujone

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