Deatharra Uisge (Ugly Water)

By blackadder 10

  • 35 ml The Botanist gin
  • 50 ml pink grapefruit juice
  • A drop of soy sauce
  • A spoon of lemon juice
  • Egg white
  • A touch of blue curucao.

Foraging for shells and sea water lead me to create sugar salts. The natural early formations of limestone found on the shells give a simple sugar syrup a salty and distinctly aromatic sensation that is strange on the palate however leaves you wanting more. The serve has a subtlety that matches the north sea ocean, yet leaves you in awe of the vastness of complexions going on thanks to all the natural salts and flavours harvested from the sea shells.


Served straight up, with a large sea shell that was used in the process of making the sugar salts. Which has become crystallised by the remaining sugar coating the shell, leaving a shell that can be licked to grasp extra sweetness that one desires.

On the beaches and coasts of Portobello and Musslebrough, and anywhere in between. A week before spring, 9 am with my canine companion, Talisker. Upon collecting the sea water which was particularly clear that morning, on low tide. We found a beautiful array of sea shells that had the just washed upon the shore shimmer. Packed with natural salts and oils, these looked ideal for experimentation.

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