Gibson McPickle

By Jane Carswell


“I wanted to make a cocktail between a Gibson and a Pickle,” says Ivan Urech, owner of Atelier Classic Bar in Thun, near Bern. “I infused the gin with wild garlic and sorrel, birch leaves, rosemary and thyme. 5 more botanicals to add to the gin’s 22!”

“I loved the jelly ear mushrooms so had to find a way to use them. I cooked them, added sugar and vinegar, and pickled onions to make my pickle juice.”

“From home, I also brought melon and elderflower hops. I made a quick infusion with them and it lifts the flavour.”

  • 10ml pickle juice
  • 10ml Tio Pepe
  • 60ml infused Botanist Gin


Serve in a chilled glass that has been laced with Octomore. Strain and serve. Garnish with 4 cooked pickles.

“We were in the woods and shore today and it was a real inspiration for me. I wanted to take all the ingredients from this island.”

“The drink looks like the wort in the whisky distillation process!”

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