Hawthorn Collins

By Craig Grozier


This is a foraged twist on a classic Tom Collins cocktail, using the blossom and fruits of Hawthorn, a spiky wee tree in the rose family. Created for the gin tours of the distillery.


Build over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a small bunch of haws.

Hawthorn syrup: Steep hawthorn blossoms in simple syrup (10g sugar per 10ml water, dissolved) and strain after 24 hours. We added some alcohol to make it 18% so it would keep since Spring without fermenting. The hawthorn blossom was unbelievable on Islay this Spring, and there are now haws to match. In this instance, I was able to harvest blossom and berries from the very same tree – like keeping an appointment with a friend, or dropping in to the greengrocers on the street where you live.

Rose family: the apple is good in this recipe because it’s in the rose family, like Hawthorn, and that connects it with the gin, which has 22 locally-found botanicals in it including hawthorn blossom and meadowsweet (also rose family). Here’s some further reading from chef Craig Grozier about the potential for flavour pairings in the wondrous rose family.

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