Hog Reviver

By Jane Carswell


This is a basic corpse reviver number 2 but with hogweed seed tincture rather than absinthe, and finished with a hogweed seed garnish. It was created for the Botanist Gin Tours at the distillery with hogweed that we picked from the road up to Conisby.


Dash of green hogweed seed tincture (instructions below)

Rinse a cold martini glass with hogweed seed tincture. Add all the other ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake with ice. Strain into the rinsed glass. Garnish.

Hogweed is a member of the carrot family. It is very common here, but has some evil relations, like Giant Hogweed and the deadly Hemlock Water Dropwort so you need to be extremly careful about identification. [these articles may help:  looking at carrot family seedheads,  the carrot family by foraging tutor Mark WilliamsSweet Cicely and the carrot family]

The bartenders that we meet through the Botanist go mad for the complicated flavours of the seeds of this plant – citing everything from orange, cardamon, perfume, to bitter chocolate. The orangey – carrot – herbal overtones work certainly well with the Cointreau.

It’s extremely easy to tincture either the green seeds or the dry seeds. Just pick a handful and add to a small jar containing strong alcohol of your choice. We used organic barley new make spirit because we had access to some at the distillery; vodka or gin or any cask strength whisky would be an alternative, actually, I bet Bourbon would be nice… For more details about how to make it, see Hannah’s post >

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