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Island Nectar

By Jane Carswell


Barbados x Islay in this original recipe from visiting mixologist Ryan Adamson.

Thanks to Gina via instagram @keywestsnapshots for the name.


15ml honey comb syrup

20ml kola tonic*  (see “foraging notes” below)

15ml lemon juice

60ml gin

To make honey comb syrup, put a lump of honey full honeycomb into a pan and cover with water. Heat til dissolved and bottle.

Gently shake with ice cubes. Double strain into a martini glass.

Garnish with a sprig of crushed thyme.


Ryan brought the kola tonic here with him from Barbados. It’s a non-alcoholic non-carbonated mixer, apparently made by some Victorians in London, originally, from cane sugar, kola nuts and hops. It smells like cola flavoured things, with citrus notes, and in colour is a bright tawny, balanced on the sweet-sour-savoury matrix… Locally,  the closest match we could think of was flat iron bru… But that’s a distinctly Scottish perspective, and you’d need to up the lemon juice content in this recipe. Or you could get the hop flavours from an ale and add extra sweetness? (Or apparently, you can buy the genuine article online. See Clayton’s Kola Tonic >)

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