Islay 75

By Sharon McHarrie

  • 50 ml The Botanist Gin infused with Hog weed seeds
  • 25 ml Verjus
  • 15ml Ginger Syrup
  • 25 ml Apple cider


Leaving out the Apple cider, shake all the other ingredients together. Fine strain into a Champagne glass and top up using the Apple cider. If you want to add a bit extra, you can fatwash some Botanist Gin with burned butter ( beurre noisette) and spray that on top of the drink.

This drink was inspired by a beautiful gingercake that its creator Nick Baeyens ate whilst on Islay. It was made by our forgaer Mark Galloway using a combination of ginger and hogweed seeds, Nick thought that it was amazing and created a lasting impression with him, encouraging him to create a drink to compliment it. It is based on a French 75.