Islay Spring

By Danny Whelan


A cocktail made to replicate the taste and aroma of Islay in springtime, using a range of ingredients foraged around the island. A Wild Islay Amaro was created using Yarrow, Sorrel, Wood Sage, Bog Myrtle, and the roots of Angelica and Burdock. This complex mix of bright, citrus herbs and bitter botanicals was then sweetened with honey and sugar, with a wine and spirit base. A shrub made from wood sage, burdock root, sugar and vinegar adds balance and a light bitter quality. Our final foraged ingredient was a Japanese Knotweed and Sweet Ciciley tincture, lending incredible depth with citrus and anise flavours prominent.

  • 50ml Botanist Islay Dry Gin
  • 25ml Wild Islay Amaro
  • 15ml Ground Ivy and Burdock Shrub
  • 5ml Japanese Knotweed and Sweet Cicely Tincture


Add all ingredients to shaker, and add 3 Hogweed seeds and the tops of Meadowsweet. Shake with ice and double-strain into a chilled old fashioned glass. Garnish with seasonal aromatic botanicals.

Created whilst foraging on Islay

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