James Powers

By Powers


Sea Spray Martini:

  • 70ml Botanist Islay Gin
  • 10ml Saltbush Solution*
  • Bar Spoon Bruichladdich Black Art

*Simmer 100g of saltbush in 100ml of water, add a pinch of rock salt.


Freeze martini glass – remove from from freezer add Bruichladdich & rinse glass – stir down Botanist & saltbush solution in a mixing glass – pour out bruichladdiich & pour martini – rub glass with saltbush leaf & serve.

Salt Bush: A hardy Australian native. I foraged this from the sand dunes down at Tennyson, where it grows in abidance. Saltbush tastes of the sea, and when simmering it down, an almost fishy aroma filled the room, a perfect example of a beautiful Aussie ingridient.