K Islay Vesper

By D.Danby

  • 45ml The Botanist Gin infused with Baby Samphire
  • 15ml KIS Vodka infused with Olearia Auxillaris
  • 7.5ml Lillet Blanc infused with Salt Bush leaves

A classic vesper with a foraged twist. This delicate cocktail responds well to the infusion of some locally found ingredients. Baby Samphire infused with The Botanist exhibits salty and sweet notes and contribustes a silky mouthfeel. The Oleria Auxillarius gives the Kangaroo Island Spirits Vodka a herbaceous fruity slant which helps balance the salt and sweetness of the Baby Samphire. The last component is the touch of Salt Bush in the Lillet Blanc which tops it off nicely with some interesting salty green notes pairing well with the sweet herbaceous notes in the Lillet Blanc. Over all a well balanced drink that is best served in a balloon glass so the delicacies can be fully appreciated.


Stir down and serve over two over sized ice cubes in a large balloon glass. Garnish with Pig Face flowers and 5-6 Boobialla flowers

Foraging notes

Baby Samphire | Olearia Auxillarius / Coastal Daisy | Salt Bush | Pig Face flowers | Boobialla flowers