Maillard Shrub

By Admin_Riot

  • 50ml The Botanist
  • Roasted Pear juice
  • Celery root & Walnut syrup
  • Raspberry vinegar

Roasting our pears prior to juicing causes a maillard reaction offering a nutty and rich aroma to this drink. To balance this we create a ground walnut and celery syrup by cooking sous vide at 60 degrees C for 4 hours. This flavour combination enhances the sage leaf and thistle botanicals.


Shake all ingredients and double strain. Glass: Rocks. Garnish: Celery, dehydrated pear and walnut dust.

On wondering through Tooting Common some time in September it occurred to me that there is a single pear tree, alone in the middle of a vast grassy expanse. I decided to pick from the middle branches (the lowest and most accessible had already been picked). By roasting these pears prior to juicing we are able to create the mysterious maillard react resulting in nutty and delicate toasted aroma. Where: The pears were picked from Tooting Common and roasted at home, the resulting juice was frozen. When: September 2013. Plants found: Pears, Raspberries, Nettle and Fern.

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