More money, less progress

By David Rippen


Collect my influences right here? I couldn’t, but loved the story of the distillery’s origins…There’s a connection with my youth; running through the forest, the whole boy thing. This cocktail is a simple twist on a gimlet. Light drink, sun, overwhelming impressions of Islay.

  • Hogweed stems and lady’s smock flowers, muddled,  a few.
  • homemade cordial – lemonbalm, douglas fir, water, sugar (3:1)
  • 60ml Botanist Gin
  • Dash of tonic

The garnish – fir cone on the side of the glass and douglas fir floating – smells earthy and fresh. Lady’s smock / ‘cuckoo flower’ (so called as appears in the spring when the cuckoos return) gives a light note of mustard. Lemonbalm (cordial) picked in Islay House Community Garden.

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