My Islay home

By teknikolored


A union of flavours; a combination of the seas with a lingering smoky scent that completes the foraged series. it features the heart and soul of the islay – the bruichladdich collective of the botanist gin and port charlotte whisky, combined with the flavours of the west coast indian ocean and a multitude of rich dark desserts.

Much like an old fashioned, this cocktail takes time…

  • Combine salted caramel, peychauds and chocolate in a rocks glass and stir to combine.
  • 15ml portions to 1 ice cube – the bourbon botanist gin, and continue to stir down and dilute.
  • Add in 15ml portions until 50ml is reached.
  • Garnish with half a curly wurly sprinkled in smoked salt, and complete with a spray of port charlotte tincture.


Bourbon barrel aged gin: steeped in a control water bath of 60degrees for 15 minutes-a jar of botanist gin (90ml) with an ex-bourbon cask stave. repeat the heating process 3 times until colour appears dark brown.

Saltbush caramel: Prepare a butter caramel sauce recipe. 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup whipped cream 6 TBSP butter 3 small dried and crushed saltbush branches 1/2 tsp salt cook all over heat slowly until the liquid becomes viscous and golden. leave to cool for a few days before use.

Saltbush – a common native semi-succulent found in Australia, especially common to coastal regions due to the salinity levels in the soil. A silvery-green leaf, and seen as a climbing plant, they have a salty taste and are commonly used in outback cooking practices for flavouring to meat and fish. Best used when dried and crumbled to accentuate the flavor from the leaves.